MILES Managing Idaho's Landscapes for Ecosystem Services

Story Maps

  A Story Map; "Portneuf Place-Based Stories"

By Yolonda Youngs, Geography at ISU

  "Playing on the Portneuf" A Story Map

by Drs. Danelle Larson, Colden Baxter, Yolonda Youngs

  A story map showing Pocatello Annexation History

by Jared Ogle, 2017

  A 3-D visualization of the Portneuf River in downtown Pocatello, Idaho, 1959.

By Meg Tracy, 2016

  A 3-D visualization of downtown Pocatello in the future

by Meg Tracy

  3D visualization of Portneuf River and Pocatello created from 1959 imagery

by Meg Tracy

  Explore the changes over time of cropland in Southeast Idaho

by Di Wu, GIS, Cyber Programming